Friday, July 23, 2010

CurL,pale,straight,Messy en blonde !!

i adore ! <3

thank goodness for the sweets ... ang aking favorito ! kitkat en galaxy hazelnut !! sobrang sarap nyu !! winner !!! happiness :))

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sweet Dates !! (arabian food)

wish i could share this fruit with u guys ... dates fruit form Qatar ,,makikita yan everywhere in the middle east !! sobrang tamis at sarap lang !! yung unang attempt ko ndi ko na appreciate yung lasa pero ngaun havey na havey na i make dugas pa nga sa mga puno on the streets! ! labet

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dont judge me! :)

Oh well i need some carbs for today's lunch. . I add m0re sauce 0n my pasta hence it looks yucky! Bloody baked mac. ..its yummy tho.
en helo to my ever favorite nilagang itlog !! yahooo:b lezzzeat :)

Gimme m0re !

Yow,yow,yow! Fruit ice cream cake is in the house! I can die n0w. .love it!

WARNING: MintKendhy ruLes♥♥ : Lanvin Rumeur FTW!!

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Healthy lunch is back!

Hooray! Back to eating healthy . . Fruits 4 lunch it is;) lastweek was so unhealthy fastfoods,oily foods and sweets hence im making bawi. .yow back to being fruit-tarian . .yay. .(feeling healthy living. .)y n0t! Pak!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lanvin Rumeur FTW!!

just want to share my official perfume ,this perfume is just soooo bango super long lasting perfume! kahit 2km away kana amoy na amoy pa din ..Chos! i really really like the scent,so feminine en sexy. ktnxbye :b

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

PaRty Poppers and Sprays = happiness♥♥

ayan!!waley!!,forgot to cover the foods:/ :)
party animals♥

super saya mga sisterss :D

just wanted to share this with u guys (feeling madaming followers) taken last week July 08,2010 @ Ate Dolly's Bday party ! super na enjoy ng group ang party poppers at spray infairness masaya naman talaga lalo na nung na popped na ..paka colorful ng confetti ... nakaka waley ng stress !!ang ending puro glitters at confetti ang foods at alak at syempre ang hirap linisin :) but we really had fun indeed lalo na yung my bday ! btw im officially collecting party poppers en sprays now ba bet ko lang sya !! thats all .. ktnxbye :B

Monday, July 12, 2010

tiramisu ice cream cake is ♥

oh well sorry my 1st entry is about food ..btw unhealthy food is in !! im super craving for this cake since last week , someone's suhol(peace offering i guess) pero ndi effective haha :)) my sweet tooth was satisfied you'll definitely see more of this soon:))

Sunday, July 11, 2010

yayyy im into Blogging now :))

yahooo!! im on eblogger now, finally got the chance to create a blog site after how many months, will post anything and everything under the sun (fashion,foods,gimik,latest trend,gadgets at kahit anung maisipan ko) hopefully makapag blog ako everyday or atleast ma update man lang !!